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First Year 2006-2007

Intro to Sociology ~ Dr. Sylvia Hale: This was a full year course highlighting the basic theories of sociological perspectives.  This course taught me to think differently about the world around me and to question things rather than just accept them to be “so”.  As with all my sociology courses the reading was painful!   However Dr. Sylvia Hale made classes very lively with her anecdotes and she encouraged debate and discussion.  This course decided my minor in sociology and I became another member in Dr. Hale’s large fan club!

Intro to English Literature ~ Trevor Sawler: Another full year course where I became a fan of Oscar Wilde and others through this overview of poetry, short stories and theatrical scripts.  Trevor Sawler truly loves teaching and makes this first year course lively and engaging.  He loves to share his favourite puns and frequent anecdotes about being the only male in the home with his wife and four daughters.  This course taught me a lot about character development and description.

Intro to French ~ Jonathan Rahn/Sylvia Beaulieu: I termed this full year course “French for dummies” since it was the very most basic intro to grammar, reading and writing.  Besides me and a few other anglophones, this course was dominated by international students who wanted to learn both of Canada’s official languages.  While I did well in this class, it did little to prepare me for the next level up, an intro course for students who had some french training.  I dropped that course before Christmas break in my 2nd year feeling rushed and frustrated.  Hopefully I can resume French training through a job in the future since I believe bilingualism is important.

Journalism 1013 “The Messenger” ~ Michael Camp: This intro course taught me who and what a journalist is.  The course reader was easy to follow and the writing assignments were fun and challenging.  Michael Camp loves to lecture with Power Point and his class is very easy to follow.  This soft spoken and easy going man is readily available to his students and is supportive and encouraging to anyone who seeks his assistance.  I had walked through the doors of STU seeking a journalism major, Michael Camp confirmed for me that I was making the right choice. 

Intro to Psychology 1013 ~ Laurie Fitzgerald: My interest in psychology stems from the type of writing that first drove me to journalism.  Stories about people and why they do what they do.  Psychology courses are a really good way to flatten your gpa!  The exams are usually 90% or more multiple choice questions.  You MUST dazzle them with brilliance, you CAN’T baffle them with bullshit the way you can some essay questions.  Regardless, this course was interesting and challenging.  Laurie Fitzgerald is a soft spoken woman with a great sense of humor and an aversion to modern teaching techniques!  She’s a huge fan of the overhead projector, and in spite of agreeing to use PowerPoint when she subbed for another prof in my 2nd term, she bailed by saying she’d forgotten the key to the computer cabinet, andinstead used her stand-by overhead slides!   Sadly Laurie was lost to STU but I’m sure she’s happy to be back in her native BC teaching at UVIC. 

Journalism 1023 “The Message ~ Great Stories” ~ Michael Camp: This course was an obvious favourite for Michael Camp to teach.  And the stories in the course reader were indeed Great!  Michael expanded on the theme of the first course by showing us the power of journalism throughout history.  Writers such as Andy Rooney and Ernie Pyle covering the wars to the power of the media during the civil rights movement.  Each week we were required to write reviews answering specific questions about the stories in the course reader.  This was a powerful course that taught me to view life’s events from a perspective of sharing them with others, informing them, motivating them to seek changes.  This could be my favourite journalism course to date.

Intro to Psychology 1023 ~ Dr. Kim Fenwick: Part two of Intro to Psych was an expansion on the first course.  More in depth look at the different types of psychological disorders.  Dr. Fenwick obviously loves to teach the intro classes and kept the class lively and interested.  Many anecdotes from her own family, especially her children and her experiences at Grad school kept the class amused.  This course hooked me into pursuing a minor in psychology as well.

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