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January 11, 2014 ~ Early in December 2013, I challenged a friend and fellow writer to write a short Christmas story.  At least 2500 words and had to have something to do with Christmas.  She held up her end and produced her story two days before our December 31st deadline.  I got off to a great start about midway through the month, putting more than 2100 words to the page in one sitting.  Then I got bogged down with reading and correcting my first draft of Seeker’s Gift the weekend of the 21 & 22.  Telling myself I had three days off over the holidays and could easily finish it then.  Well thanks to Momma N and the “Ice Storm 2013″ we were powerless the entire time.  The weekend after the holidays was spent implementing the corrections to Seeker’s Gift so I could get it out to my first readers before New Year’s Day.  Oh, and then there was the WEEK I had computer issues, which turned out to be malware.  An annoying but easy fix.  FINALLY on January 5th I pounded out the ending.  I ended up with 3100 words and it would have been more but now I was 5 days past due date.  I did a quick tidy of the story today and even though the stores are already displaying Valentines and Easter merchandise, I hope you won’t find it too late for one more Christmas story.

A Wonderful Surprise Indeed!

April 21, 2011 ~ The Muriel McQueen Fergusson Foundation is devoted to ending the cycle of family violence.  The Foundation holds various fundraisers throughout the year to assist many local programs and shelters to this end.  The Royal LePage Shelter Foundation shares this goal.  Each May Royal LePage offices across the country hold a one day garage sale called ‘Declutter for a Cause’.  Each office chooses the charity of their choice to receive 100 per cent of the proceeds raised.  Gardiner Realty in Fredericton has chosen the Muriel McQueen Fergusson Foundation for the second year in a row.  I have had the privilege to work with them doing some promotional writing to bring awareness to the event, the foundations and the people who support them.  I hope you will enjoy the series of stories coming over the next couple of weeks.

Declutter for a Cause

April 22, 2011 ~ Hockey Night in Canada is a mainstay in many households across this country.  In our home the games are made even more interesting with a little money on the line.  Every season for the past four years, regular and playoff, my husband Ron and I organize an online hockey pool called Ron’s Rookies hosted by HockeDraft.ca.  Here is a story I started a week ago with the results of our 2010-2011 regular season pool!

Go Girls

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