My Writing

My current work in progress is tentatively titled “Widow Grace” and would best be described as “adult fiction”. 😉

I am currently pitching my manuscript for Seeker’s Gift.  I’m hoping to connect with an agent who will help me launch my writing career. 

Seeker’s Gift Pitch:

With adversity and danger at every turn, Lindsay Edwards wonders if she’ll ever achieve her goal of certifying her young dog Seeker in Search & Rescue, but when the life of a loved one is on the line, she learns who she can really count on.

Back Cover Copy:

Determined to leave the pain and loneliness behind her; three years of watching her father die; 28-year-old Lindsay Edwards dives into training her young pup to be a Search and Rescue dog. Every time she thinks they are making progress, another roadblock is thrown in their faces. Strong and independent, Lindsay pursues her dream in spite of repeated opposition and threats. When one of those threats is realized, Lindsay discovers a new depth to her purpose. She never imagined that Seeker’s training would give her the greatest gift she could ever ask for.

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