Seven Lies

By Elizabeth Kay

It all started with just one little lie. But we all know that it never ends there. Because, of course, one lie leads to another…

Growing up, Jane and Marnie shared everything. They knew the other’s deepest secrets. They wouldn’t have had it any other way. But when Marnie falls in love, things begin to change.

Because Jane has a secret: she loathes Marnie’s wealthy, priggish husband. So when Marnie asks if she likes him, Jane tells her first lie. After all, even best friends keep some things to themselves. If she had been honest, then perhaps her best friend’s husband might still be alive today…

For, of course, it’s not the last lie. In fact, it’s only the beginning…

Seven Lies is Jane’s confession of the truth–her truth. Compelling, sophisticated, chilling, it’s a seductive, hypnotic pageturner about the tangled, toxic friendships between women, the dark underbelly of obsession and what we stand to lose in the name of love.

June 17, 2020

Seven Lies by Elizabeth Kay ~ 4 of 5 stars

A special thank you to NetGalley, and Penguin Random House Canada for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Generally I’m not a fan of first person novels, however Elizabeth Kay weaves a compelling story with her “Jane”. From the title we know there are seven lies, and the revelation of each one leads to the frightening ending.

The language throughout the story is engaging, making the reader feel like they are part of the story. At times, she even chastises, and challenges the reader to accept her version of the events that unfurl. A unique voice for sure.

Characters were believable and fully fleshed.

I will definitely look for more from Elizabeth Kay.