The Sex Effect

With hilarious wit and sharp insights, The Sex Effect draws on history, psychology, religion, and sociology, and combines innovative research and analysis with captivating anecdotes to reveal just how much sex shapes our society. Blending quirky trivia (discover the real origins of corn flakes, vibrators, and Viagra!) with compelling questions (Why are our most successful leaders also the friskiest? How could building a gay neighborhood save Detroit from economic ruin?), The Sex Effect shows how the influence of sex and our sexual attitudes is everywhere and highlights how we can use this knowledge to improve our everyday decisions and better understand the world in which we live.

The Sex Effect Review ~ March 3, 2017
5 of 5 stars

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A laugh out loud, eyebrow raising, and demystifying, tale about SEX! This book should be in every university bookstore in North America, and could easily be the subject of a complete sociology course. But don’t let text book status scare you, it’s a highly entertaining read for anyone.